Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm So Cool!

This past weekend I attended a large demo day sponsored by the biggest golf store in Philadelphia and show-casing about ten major club-makers. The weather did not cooperate: 45 degrees, windy, and occasional spitting rain. Given that, the parking lot was full and the various tents were crowded with people anticipating the new season.

Off to one end of the range, the sponsoring store had provided a teaching pro who was there to give quick lessons to young kids. I watched him work with a young boy — perhaps 8 - 10 years old, and here is what he said to the kid.

"You see all those guys hitting balls? They're all here hunting for the secret... hoping to be cool. Well, I'll tell you what, son. I'm going to tell you the secret... it's an easy secret... and I'll give you a prize when you do it for me. OK?"

The kid nodded doubtfully, and the pro went on...

"OK... good! You've already got the start of a good swing, so here's what we're going to do. You know what I said about all those guys wanting to be cool?"

Another cautious nod...

"Well here's all you have to do, to be really cool. I want you to make your swing, hit the ball out, and then hold your finish while you say — out loud — 'I'm so cool.' Think you can do that?"

Still doubtful, the kid shrugged and said that he could.

"Great! I know you can, and I'm going to give you a prize when you do it three times in a row. Now show me how cool you are."

And so the kid made a couple of stumbling attempts, hitting glancing blows and either forgetting to say the words or mumbling them. But the pro never lost his enthusiasm, urging him to just hold his finish and say the magic words.

On about his fourth attempt he did — held his finish and said the words — but the shot went sideways into the protective net.

"Good... that's the first one. And I'll tell you what. It doesn't matter where the ball goes. We don't care about that. All you have to do is do that two more times — hold your finish and say, 'I'm so cool,' and you'll get your prize."

So the kid did do it twice more and, as you might guess, those last two shots arced straight out and down the range just as you'd want.

Whereapon, the pro gave him a cap with the store's logo, asked him if he could keep on doing that, told him not to give away the magic secret and that he was cool.

What a nice little lesson that pro gave: a painless combination of good mechanics and good self-image, all in a quick 10 minutes.

I'll bet that kid remembers that lesson forever.

I know that I will. How about you?


At 7:00 AM, Blogger Rick said...

That's one of the coolest lessons I've seen! Thanks for sharing!

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Tincup said...

It often tough to remember to hold-the-finish. Using a phase at the same time is very unique. The best I can do is hold-the-finish on my practice swing, i.e. within the "Think Box" as www.golf54.com would describe.


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