Saturday, March 18, 2006

Golf On a String

The other day I was talking with a friend who was lamenting the fact that our practice range won't open until mid-April. He was impatient because it includes an isolated sand trap where you can hit mid to long irons. As you probably know, that's terrific practice because it demands that you make perfect ball contact.

It's not that you want to pick the ball off the surface, you want a normal descending blow, but you have to get the ball first. If you get sand first, the effect is greatly magnified, so the feed-back is clear.

That discussion reminded me of a great substitute drill that you can do anywhere, using a simple 3-foot length of string. Lay the string down perpendicular to your target line, put the ball right on it, and hit shots without picking up the string with your club-head. Simple, but — like the sand — the feedback is immediate and obvious.

If you find it difficult, start with the string an inch behind the ball. When you can do that, move up to a half-inch... then a quarter-inch... then with the string tucked under the back half of the ball...

You'll learn a lot about your contact, and you can't help but get better.

You're welcome!


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