Sunday, March 12, 2006

Balance: Two Ideas

I've made the point that balance is one of the true fundamentals of the golf swing. How can you make a powerful and repeating swing if you're not in balance throughout?

Here are two ideas that should help your balance:

  • A big part of balance is knowing where your true center of gravity is: about two fingers below your navel. Most people assume that the center is much higher: somewhere in the middle of the chest. To test that, focus on that below-the-navel spot and try standing on one foot. Then, focus on your chest and repeat. You'll find that you're much more unstable and "tippy" in the second case. It works the same way in your golf swing: with your center low in your body, you'll be much more balanced and stable in your swing. Try it!
  • I've talked previously about holding your finish position (Point B) until your ball lands and comes to rest — using that time to replay the feel of the shot as you observe the result. You do that without judging... you just feed the visual of the shot and the feel of the shot into your subconscious, allowing that subconscious to work it all out. But, here's an advance on that idea... in your practice or even on the course (if your friends won't abuse you too much) move smoothly from your balanced finish position back through the swing in reverse: from finish... to impact... to top of the backswing... and finally to address position. If you can return to "Start" and stay balanced throughout, then you are truely balanced. Try it!


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