Monday, February 20, 2006

A Putting Tip

I've been ignoring this page (as I've been working hard on the Essays and the Podcasts).

Here's the first in a series of putting tips, drawing heavily on Dr. Joe Parent's Zen Golf, and on The Mental Art of Putting (Cohn and Winters, Taylor Trade Publishing).

I spent years telling myself and others that I couldn't putt. I'm still working/recovering from that, but here's a key thought, for putts of 15 feet and beyond, that put me on the road to wellness.

  • I know I'm not going to make all of these.
  • But, somewhere in this round, I know I'll make at least one.
  • And, this might be it!

That simple thought made all the diffence for me. It took me from expecting the next disaster to the possibility of a success: from dreading to anticipating. Such a little thought... such a big change!


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