Thursday, November 24, 2005

How Slow? Part II

Here is a second "slow" idea. Remember, the first was a Harvey Penick drill: swinging as slowly as possible, in order to discover what is out of sync in your swing.

This is related, but is a drill you can do hitting balls, and you can resort to it on the course — even in competition — when you "lose it."

My source... I got this from Jim Flick when I attended one of the old and original Golf Digest schools. And, what a school! Flick was the head instructor and Paul Runyun (Hall of Fame player, winner of over 50 tournaments, and a contemporary of Hagen, Nelson, Hogan, Snead,etc.) was the short-game wizard. The assistants, Tom Ness and Hank Johnson, are both top-50 instuctors now, as is the young kid (Chuck Cook) who was the unpaid intern.

The idea is this. Take a full-motion swing, all the way to the top and all the way to the finish, at half-speed. Full motion... half speed... hitting balls.

You'll be amazed at two things:

First, how you will feel the weight of the clubhead trigger the release through the ball; you won't have to "hit."

Second, how far you'll hit it. You may even gain distance.

I'll be anxious to get comments on your experience.


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